Swimming is a life skill

Whether your child is an absolute beginner or training for the junior olympics, the principle is still the same: swimming is a life skill that your child can take with them anywhere in the world, for the rest of their life. This magical moment can begin at the age of three. After private swimming lessons with Boris Talan in NYC or the Hamptons, you will see your child take their first breath after swimming under water without any assistance. Soon after your child will be comfortable in the water floating on their front and back. Before you know it they will know all four competitive strokes and swimming in the deep end. All the while they are building and having complete confidence in the water. Nothing is more important than that, except of course, having fun.

Contact the office@boristalan.com for private NYC swimming lessons for kids and private Hamptons swimming lessons with swim coach Boris Talan. 

Boris Talan swim coaching children in open water